Island Vir is one of 300 islands and islets of Zadar’s archipelago in the north-western Dalmatia.
Twentieth by size among the Croatian islands, it has surface of 22,38km2, length of 10,12km and the width of 4,25km. Vir is at a 26km of distance from Zadar and is connected to the mainland by bridge since 1976 so that visitors can experience typical ambient of the island, on the one side, and on the other side and at the same time, they can enjoy in mobility provided by contemporary road system.

Vir is a part of the real Mediteranean. The number of sunny days amounts up to 2450 hours per year, up to 300 sunny days per year making it a favorable destination in main tourist season and also out of the main season. The average quantity of precipitations is about 1000mm, so that there are approximately 5 to 6 rainy days during the summer months and in the main tourist season this number decreases in double. The winds are the most important climate feature of the island. During spring blows wind called maestral, the most important and refreshing wind during the summer season. It relieves summer temperatures and makes favorable conditions for sailing and surfing. Average temperature in July is about 25oC, while the lowest is in January with 6,5oC. This healthy climate affects health and quality of life of its inhabitants.


The indented coastline of the island is adorned by numerous beaches composed of sand or pebble, stones and rocks. Partly situated by the pine forests and with the crystal clear sea, they make this island ideal for family holidays. The unique feature of this area is a small forested islet called Školjić with its long sandy beach situated near the bridge connecting Vir to the mainland. Except swimming, surfing, sailing, jet-ski riding and other water sports those who like walking can from the top of Bandira (112m), enjoy in panoramic view of the whole island, the nearby islands and the mountain of Velebit (1757m). So to those who like mountain-biking we recommend this area for such sport activities.


At some beaches on Vir, especially in the bay called Sapavac near the Venetian fortress Kaštelina, there is a peloid mud for healing rheumatic diseases we recommend to the older people. Because of its position in the Adriatic Sea, Vir is ideal departure point for excursions to the surrounding national parks: NP Paklenica with the imposing canyons, NP Kornati with 200 islands and islets, NP Krka with its waterfalls and NP Plitvice lakes. in mediate distance to the island there are the small town of Nin with the specific early Croatian architecture (church of the Holy Cross) and Zadar, 3000 years old city with its numerous historical monuments.