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Island Vir is one of 300 islands and islets of Zadar’s archipelago in the north-western Dalmatia.
Twentieth by size among the Croatian islands, it has surface of 22,38km2, length of 10,12km and the width of 4,25km. Vir is at a 26km of distance from Zadar and is connected to the mainland by bridge since 1976 so that visitors can experience typical ambient of the island, on the one side, and on the other side and at the same time, they can enjoy in mobility provided by contemporary road system.


Zadar is a city with exceptional history and true treasury of the archeological and monumental riches of ancient and medieval times, Renaissance and contemporary monumental achievements. From all of historical periods there are many churches and cultural monuments preserved where we can see all kinds of artistic and architectural styles. Zadar is a peaceful and safe place, you can go for a walk during the night equally as during the daytime. Except to discover beautiful ramparts of Roman times, you will find some nice shops, restaurants with affordable prices and concerts at the open air.
We recommend a walk all along the Zadar’s Riva with a special ambient due to the sea organ, unique construction in the world.